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What's special about this book is that the cover was created using rubble from destroyed buildings in Beirut. The front cover has been finished with a structured varnish mixed with actual dust from the debris. When you hold “Stones of Beirut” in your hands, you're holding on to a small part of the city. Moreover, the stories in this book have been printed on stone paper, which isn't based on cellulose but rather on lime - a raw material often found in the region around Beirut.

Beirut's culture lies in ruins. But it is still there. And in “Stones of Beirut” it comes to life. 

described the unique culture
of Beirut

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A piece of Beirut's culture can also be reflected in your designs.

The „Stones of Beirut" typeface – like the book – is made in Beirut.

It is available to everyone free of charge.

The individual letters are made up of fonts found in the city of Beirut. From street signs to bus stops, and more. It can be downloaded here. 

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